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Year: 2009
UK DVD: Revolver Entertainment
Cast: Victoria Hopkins, Warren Speed, Seymour Mace, Peter Bonner, Kate Soulsby, Christian Steele, Bill Fellows, Victoria Broom, Gillian Settle, Marysia Kay, Kathy Paul
Director: Warren Speed; Steve O'Brien
Country: UK
UK: 98 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong violence and gore
UK DVD Release Date: 21 June 2010


Brought to you by the twisted mind of Warren Speed, Zombie Women of Satan combines everything you would want in a classic B Movie picture with plenty of semi-clad zombie girls, laughs galore and bucket loads of blood and guts.

When a group of nightclub performers " including Pervo the Clown (Warren Speed), Zeus (peter Bonner), a flatulent dwarf, and Skye (Victoria Hopkins), a feisty rock chick " arrive on a remote farm for a cable TV interview, they soon discover the dark secret of the sinister family who live there " they have been kidnapping and torturing gorgeous young women as part of a perverted cult.

However, the family’s experiments have now gone wrong, and the stocking-clad women have now become ravenous ZOMBIES! Now trapped, our ragtag group of visitors must unite in a desperate bid to stay alive...

Gory, sexy and gut-munchingly hilarious " Zombie Women of Satan is the most outrageous zombie comedy movie of the year!


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