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Year: 2002
USA: Avatar Films
Cast: Andre Keuck, Calvin Robertson, Rachel Benichak, Christopher Coccio, Gerhard Keuck, Johanne Keuck, Samantha Philips
Director: Ben Coccio
Country: USA
USA: 92 mins
USA Release Date: 3 September 2003 (Limited Release - New York)


A chilling look inside the minds of two high school boys, ZERO DAY brings us into the world of best friends Andre (Andre Keuck) and Cal (Calvin Robertson), alienated teens determined to carry out a violent attack on their high school. This self-named "Army of Two" uses video cameras to record preparations for their final "mission." Despite their intentions, in many respects Andre and Cal come across as typical teenagers. Andre is the more aggressive and disgruntled of the two, Cal his more attractive and easy-going sidekick. The film provides a window into their chillingly ordinary lives. We are seduced by their intelligence, their humor, their directness, the inward and outward expressions of adolescent angst and their terrible single-mindedness.

ZERO DAY is a debut feature by 27 year-old Ben Coccio.

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