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Year: 2009
USA: Apparition Films
UK: Momentum Pictures
Cast: Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend, Paul Bettany, Miranda Richardson, Jim Broadbent, Thomas Kretschmann, Mark Strong, Jesper Christensen, Harriet Walter, Rachael Stirling, Michaela Brooks, Morven Christie, Danny Dalton, Alice Glover, Julian Glover, Dave A Hewitt, Michiel Huisman, Princess Beatrice, Johnnie Lyne-Pirkis, Genevieve O'Reilly, David Robb, Sophie Roberts, Liam Scott, Robert Cambrinus, Jeanette Hain, James Fiddy, Tony Jeeves, Jo Hartley, Ruth Leah, Thomas Michael Voss
Director: Jean-Marc Vallee
Countries: UK / USA
USA & UK: 104 mins
USA Rated: PG for some mild sensuality, a scene of violence, and brief incidental language and smoking
UK Certificate: PG contains one scene of mild injury
USA Release Date: 18 December 2009 (Limited Release)
UK Release Date: 6 March 2009


1837. Victoria (17) (Emily Blunt) is the object of a royal power struggle. Her uncle, King William (Jim Broadbent), is dying and Victoria is in line for the throne. Despite her popularity, Victoria is kept from the court by her overbearing mother, The Duchess of Kent (Miranda Richardson), and her ambitious advisor, Conroy (Mark Strong). Victoria hates them both. Her only friend is her doting governess, Lehzen (Jeanette Hain), who is seemingly as untrustworthy as the rest.

Victoria's handsome cousin, Albert (Rupert Friend) is invited to visit by her mother. He's the son of Duke Ernest of Colberg and nephew of her Uncle, King Leopold of Belgium (Thomas Kretschmann). It's obvious that Albert has been coached to win her hand, but she has no intention of being married and Albert is also tired of being manipulated by his relatives. Victoria and Albert talk openly and sincerely and become friends.

Meanwhile King William dies and Victoria is crowned the Queen of England. Albert visits London to witness the coronation and the friendship between Victoria and Albert deepens. Victoria's first decree is to banish her mother and Conroy to a remote palace apartment. She embraces Lord Melbourne (Paul Bettany), the charming Prime Minister, as her sole advisor, but this is short lived as Melbourne's party is defeated in the elections by his rival, Peel (Michael Maloney). When Peel demands that Victoria replace her ladies in waiting with the wives of his allies. Victoria refuses. The public backlash humbles Victoria.

Several months later after renewing her friendship with Albert they are married and the spectacle of the royal wedding wins over the public. However tensions between Albert and Victoria start to emerge. While she wants an obedient friend and lover, not a controlling husband, he wants to be her partner and equal and makes political suggestions. Victoria is furious. She is the Queen and she will decide her business! Albert is hurt and has little to do in his new role as Consort, but when an attempt on her life is made and Prince Albert saves her, Victoria realizes what a selfish woman she's become. In a symbolic move, Victoria moves Albert's desk next to hers and for the rest of their lives they rule together.

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