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Year: 2000
USA: Indican Releasing
Cast: Devon Gummersall, Eion Bailey, Arly Jover, Leslie Bibb, Dale Godboldo, Simon Templeman
Director: Catherine Jelski
Country: USA
USA: 87 mins
USA Release Date: 18 April 2003 (Limited Release)


23 year-old Charlie Fox Devon Gummersall lives in the family's LA house while his father Sebastyn (Simon Templeman), a commercials director, lives in London with his third wife and baby. Charlie idolises his father in contrast to his alcoholic mother who left them when he was 12.

Charlie's just completed his first commercial and is trying to chill out by his pool with his Spanish girlfriend Paloma (Arly Jover). Charlie and the tipsy Paloma aren't getting along and then his crazy friend Joe (Eion Bailey) and his girlfriend Cassandra (Lesley Bibb) turn up out of the blue. As the day progresses it descends into disaster from too much drink, drugs and sex leading to fights and chaotic behaviour. Then Charlie learns of his mothers death which affects him so deeply it jolts him into a new phase of his life.

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