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Year: 2010
USA: Warner Bros Pictures
UK: Warner Bros Pictures International UK
Cast: Dan Ackroyd (voice), Justin Timberlake (voice), Anna Faris, Tom Cavanagh, T J Miller, Andrew Daly, Josh Robert Thompson, David Stott, Greg Johnson, Christy Quillam, Patricia Aldersley, Tim McLachlan
Director: Eric Brevig
Country: USA
USA: 82 mins
UK: 80 mins
USA Rated: PG for some mild rude humor
UK Certificate: U contains very mild language and slapstick
USA Release Date: 17 December 2010
UK Release Date: 11 February 2011



Yogi Bear, the favourite pic-a-nic basket stealing bear stars in a new adventure that's filmed in 3D and cobines live action with computer animation.

Dan Ackroyd voices Yogi, Jellystone Park's famous troublemaker, while his faithful pal Boo Boo (Justin Timberlake) and fellow conspirator helps Yogi in his never ending schemes to relieve park visitors of their picnics.

Yogi relies on his quick wit and fast feet to stay ahead of the irate campers he stalks all the while dodging Ranger Smith (Tom Cavanagh) who's hot on their trail, but a new threat to their idyllic lifestyle is about to unravel.

When news that Jellystone Park is being sold, Yogi Bear, Boo Bo and all their friends face the fear of losing the only home they've ever known. Mayor Brown (Andrew Daly) plans to boost his election campaign and cover his mismanagement of city funds from the proceeds sale of the park.

Faced with the biggest challenge of his life, Yogi must prove he really is 'smarter than the average bear'. He and Boo Boo join forces with Ranger Smith to try and find a way to save the park from closure.

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