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Year: 2004
USA: Romar Entertainment
Cast: David Lipper, Andrea Robinson, Michael Patrick McGill, Janiece Jary, Fred Toma, Gary Sturm, Kevin Farrell, James B Gulledge, Luke Pennington, Andrew Stanley, Annie Scott Rogers, David Beckett, "Broadway" Danny Wolf, Dan Linck, Arlene Morris, Erin O'Connor, Rexanne Mancini, George Ender, Ellie Tanzer, Peter Williams, Frank Alvarez, Ernst Gossner, Mitch Steinberg, Walter Winnick, Sam Paparelli, Sutton Chambers, Jennifer Kamstock, Brando Mahoney, Matthew Montgomery, Phillip Pechacek, Shelley Hunter, Manuel "Tito" Leon, Kelly Harlan, Marlena Glick, Katherine Phillips Moser, Amy Nicole, Dante Hall, Martin Russell, James Silcocks, James Michael, Sandra Ridley, Gilbert John, Christiana Ladki, Susie Duck, Tiffany Maze, David Bear, Fivel Stewart, Chris Jenkins, Kris Jenkins, Scott Ford, Earl Ray Jackson, Zhari Trougi, Hugh Leon, Rochelle Glatt Leon, Jason LeGrande, Kimberly Adolfo, Corie Lee Loiselle, Hosanna Fox, Aidan Sumner, Robert J. Elisberg, Boo Boo Stewart, James Burk Jr, Katherine Rust Ferguson, Jake Galasso, Eric Kolesar, Tamysen Hall, Melissa Williams, Eric Estrin, Enrique Almeida, Luis Moncada, Ron Young, Brittany Paige, Jared Vallejo, Uzi Gilmore-Gonzales, John Hendrickson, Mike Cochran, Byron Caldwell, Otis (dog)
Director: Bob Logan
Country: USA
USA: 102 mins
USA Release Date: 29 April 2005 (Limited Release)


Harley (David Lipper) and Renee (Andrea Robinson) are about to divorce and their last act of togetherness is a yard sale held on a warm summer's day in Southern California. They're getting rid of everything they've acquired during 11 years of marriage and will split the profits. However, neither wants to part with their Jeep and, as they'll soon be going their separate ways, that presents a problem. Harley, a struggling comedy writer, comes up with a solution. Whoever makes the most money from the sale gets to keep the Jeep. Renee agrees and the bet is on.

An eclectic bunch of people, from the nutty to the merely weird, pore over their once precious belongings. Some of these objects provoke memories and, through flashbacks, we are gradually taken back through their marriage, finally arriving at where it all began with Harley carrying Renee over the threshold of their new dream home.

This sometimes funny, sometimes poignant tale takes us on a journey from now, through the many yesterdays and back to the present. Helping or hindering them over the years and particularly at the yard sale, are Renee's sister Elizabeth (Janiece Jary), who has disliked her brother- in- law since forever, and Harley's best friend, Alan (Michael Patrick McGill).

Where did it all go wrong? What was the point that signaled the decline of their relationship? There was no point. And that is the point. It was just bad timing, misunderstandings, words not spoken or spoken too much. It was stubbornness and misplaced ego. It was never lost love. When Renee wanted them to have a baby, Harley wasn't ready. When he wanted a child she felt it was the wrong time. When they finally had enough money to start a family Renee wanted to keep her new job as a hospital administrator.

Now that it's over and all the "stuff" has gone, Harley and Renee have also rid themselves of their personal baggage. They've learned much of the truth about their own selves and matured in the process. Is it enough to prevent them signing those final divorce papers and can they pull back from the brink? In life there are no easy answers and this is a story about life.

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