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Year: 2007
USA DVD: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
UK DVD: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Cast: Erica Leerhsen, Kimberly Caldwell, Henry Rollins, Texas Battle, Aleksa Palladino, Daniella Alonso, Steve Braun, Matthew Currie Holmes, Crystal Lowe
Director: Joe Lynch
Country: USA
USA: 93 mins
UK: 93 mins
USA Rated: R for strong horror violence and gore, language and some sexual content
UK Certificate:
USA DVD Release Date: 9 October 2007
UK DVD Release Date: 7 January 2008


The ultimate reality show turns into the ultimate horror for six contestants when they find themselves pitted against hideously deformed and insatiably hungry cannibals in this white knuckle thrill-ride. Directed by Joe Lynch, recently named one of Gorezone's top horror directors. The Extreme Edition sees maximum carnage with even more blood, guts and action than the original version and is a must-see for all horror fans!

Taking place immediately after the first Wrong Turn movie, the sequel centres around a group of six contestants who are thrown together for six days in a simulated post-apocalyptic wasteland due to their participation in a reality TV show hosted by former marine Dale Murphy (Henry Rollins; Feast, A House on a Hill), in which the winner will walk away with $100,000. Located in a remote part of West Virginia, the contestants soon discover that what they are really fighting for is their survival - against a family of inbred cannibals who plan to ruthlessly butcher them all... who will survive?

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End features an up-and-coming cast including Erica Leerhsen (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Texas Battle (Final Destination 3), Aleksa Palladino (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead), Daniella Alonso (The Hills Have Eyes II), Steve Braun (Bones), Matthew Holmes (The L Word) Crystal Lowe (Psych) and Kimberly Caldwell (American Idol).

Dare to go deeper into the woods with hours of gore-thirsty special features including two audio commentaries, a 'making of' featurette, a special effects featurette and two Easter eggs. Previously unreleased in UK cinemas, don't miss out on your chance to see the ultimate version of the most blood-thirsty horror flick to hit DVD this year! Fans of the original Wrong Turn movie can pick up a two-disc DVD double-pack containing both films.


Special features:
Commentary by director Joe Lynch and actors Erica Leerhsen and Henry Rollins
Commentary by writers Turi Meyer and Al Septien
More Blood, More Guts: The Making Of Wrong Turn 2 (9 mins 26 secs)
Making Gore Look Good Featurette (11 mins 30 secs)
On Location With P-Nut (4 mins)
Easter Egg: The Craft Of The Crotch Hit (1 min 52 secs)
Easter Egg: M's Death Scene (1 min 39 secs)

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