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Year: 2001
USA: ThinkFilm
Cast: Billy Crudup, Julianne Moore, Cleavant Derricks, David Keith, James LeGros, Karen Allen, Mary McCormack, Liane Balaban, David Rivitz, Lucas Rakofsky, Ben Rakofsky, Mark R Gray, April Bloom, Margaret Devine, Richie Dye, Shannon Pyles, Francie Swift, Kaili Vernoff
Director: Bart Freundlich
Countries: Canada / USA
USA: 103 mins
USA Rated: R for language and some sexuality
USA Release Date: 19 April 2002 (Limited Release - Los Angeles and New York)


Cal (Billy Crudup) is popular and successful. Now in his early 30's he lives with his lovely wife and young son in a luxurious apartment and can't complain about his successful career as an architect. But Cal feels something is missing from his life and out of the blue for his family he decides to hit the road and takes off in the family car leaving his family behind!

Driving west he takes any job he can get starting off as a laborer and lives it up at night with his new friend Carl (Cleavant Derricks). Drinking with Carl and picking up women - Dulcie (Julianne Moore) and Delores (Karen Allen) - he settles into his new carefree life but his love for the open road eludes him. Even though he is looking for something, Cal can't escape the fact that he is also running away from something, and what he has left behind is worth more than what he hopes to find.

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