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Year: 2007
UK DVD: Revolver Entertainment
Cast: Jamie Morgan, Paul Lowe
Director: Jamie Morgan
Country: USA
UK: 97 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong sexualised nudity
UK DVD Release Date: 21 July 2008


Searing honesty, freedom and the exorcising of inner demons are the hallmarks of this original documentary by photographer and video director Jamie Morgan.

Morgan shoots on a handheld DV camera, focusing on the action around a small group of characters as they participate in a 10-day workshop in California with Paul Lowe, a spiritual 'guru' who dishes out daily doctrines with brutal honesty.

Best friends Laurel and Maddy, both 30 and from London have come with Maddy's boyfriend Ryan (29), who is a yoga instructor and a workshop regular. Rounding off the participants is Brian (28), a charity sales rep also from London who struggles to join in and is clearly terrified of exposing his soul to a group of strangers.

Exploring their own attitudes towards monogamy and sexual liberation; the scene is set for trauma, rejection, tears and the break up of friendships and marriage.

This emotional, amusing and provocative rollercoaster ride in the search for the meaning of life is an enlightening journey that exposes our basic human instincts.

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