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Year: 1998
USA: First Run Features
Cast: Boy George, Angharad Rees, Rita Davies, Matthew Dean, Rosemarie Dunham, James Layton, Leila Lloyd-Evelyn, Kevin Moore, Mr Powell, David Prescott, Margaret Towner, Lee Williams
Director: Will Gould
Country: UK
USA Release Date: 17 November 2000 (Limited Release - New York)
USA Release Date: 20 October 2000 (Limited Release - San Francisco)


Narrated by Boy George, this modern-day fairy-tale from England is about lust, greed and sexuality.

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, on the outskirts of a small, beautiful English country village called Kromer there lived two "wolves," called Seth (Lee Williams) and Gabriel (James Layton). What makes them outcasts from Kromer is their wolf-like looks and their attraction to each other. Seth was the young innocent, recently banished from his family for his wolfish behavior. In our tale, we find him as he is being shown the ropes by the self-assured, practicing wolf Gabriel. And as wolves are wont to do, they fall in love.

Back in the village, there are foul deeds afoot, Fanny (Rita Davies), a wicked old maid and her goofy accomplice, Doreen (Margaret Towner), are plotting the murder of their mistress Mrs. Drax (Rosemarie Dunham). They set up their victim to look as if the wolves have killed her. With prejudice as their only evidence and the local priest leading the mob, the villagers set out in pursuit of their prey.

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