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Year: 1987
UK: Park Circus Films
Cast: Richard E Grant, Paul McGann, Richard Griffiths, Ralph Brown, Michael Elphick, Daragh O'Malley, Michael Wardle, Una Brandon-Jones, Noel Johnson, Irene Sutcliffe, Llewellyn Rees, Robert Oates, Anthony Wise, Eddie Tagoe
Director: Bruce Robinson
Country: UK
UK: 107 mins
UK Certificate: 15
UK Release Date: 11 September 2007
UK Release Date: 7 September 2007 (Limited Re-release)

UK Distributor


Two unemployed actors, the acerbic, elegantly wasted Withnail (Richard E Grant) and the anxiety-ridden Marwood (the "I" of the title) played by Paul McGann, drown their frustrations in booze, pills and lighter fluid. When Withnail's Uncle Monty (Richard Griffith) offers his cottage to them, they escape the squalor of their London flat for a week in the country.

However when the weather deteriorates, they soon realise they have gone on holiday by mistake. Both their wits and friendship are put to the test as violent downpours, less-than-hospitable locals and empty cupboards turn their holiday into more of a nightmare..

Set in the 1960's, WITHNAIL AND I is an intelligent, superbly acted and hilarious film and is re-released on new 35mm prints.

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