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Year: 2003
USA: New Line Cinema
Cast: Crispin Glover, R Lee Ermey, Laura Elena Harring, Jackie Burroughs, Kristen Cloke, David Parker, Rick Lazzarini, Kim McKamy
Director: Glen Morgan
Country: USA
USA Rated: PG-13 for terror/violence, some sexual content and language
USA Release Date: 14 March 2003


Life has become one big trap for Willard (Crispin Glover). Socially burdened and saddled with a miserable job, Willard seems stuck, until he makes an eerie discovery: he shares a powerful bond with the rats who dwell in his basement. Suddenly Willard has friends -hundreds of them. Even the beautiful office temp who reaches out to Willard takes a backseat to Socrates, Ben and the rest of his rat legion. And when Willard's world is turned upside down by tragedy, those responsible must answer to his rapidly growing pack of ravenous, fearsome friends.

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