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Year: 1998
UK: Metro Tartan
Cast: Christopher Walken, Anne Heche, Joan Chen, Steven Bauer, Allen Garfield, Adam Novack, Zion, Richard Palmer, Randy Crowder, Marcus Aurelius, Michael Rose, Lewis Arquette, Rolando De La Maza, Candace Camille Bender, Ian Johnson, Gena Kim, Robert Mazzola
Director: Donald Cammell
Countries: UK / USA
UK: 112 mins
UK Certificate: 18 for strong sex, sexual violence and language
UK Release Date: 30 June 2000


Alex Lee (Anne Heche) is a loan officer at a bank who is forced into moonlighting as a hooker when her debts begin to mount. One night Alex encounters a client, Bruno (Christopher Walken) a villainous financial racketeer who becomes obsessed with Alex's dominating sexual performance. Fearing she may be working for the FBI, Bruno sends his bodyguard, Tony (Steven Bauer) to check her out.

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