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Year: 2006
UK: Momentum Pictures
Cast: Sean Pertwee, Alex Reid, Toby Kebbell, Stephen Wight, Luke Neal, Ben McKay, Lenora Crichlow, Karly Greene, Adam Deacon, Richie Campell, John Travers, Stephen Don
Director: Michael J Bassett
Country: UK
UK: 93 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong violence and one use of very strong language
UK Release Date: 11 August 2006
UK Distributor


Moorgate Youth Custody Centre is a dumping ground for the young criminals that society can't deal with. They are too tough to handle, in some cases too far gone to be brought back.

In Dormitory H, Davie (John Travers) and Lindsay (Ben McKay) are constantly bullied and taunted by tough guy Steve (Steve Wight) and his huge sidekick Lewis (Luke Neal) while their fellow dorm-mates, Jethro (Richie Campbell) and Blue (Adam Deacon) watch on in amusement without lifting a finger to help. This is what life is like at Moorgate. Jed (Sean Pertwee), the head warder, can intervene but he knows there's very little he can do. It is not the regime that is at fault, it's the inmates. It's a place where the strong survive and the weak are bullied.

Into their midst comes Callum (Toby Kebbell) a killer transferred from another institute. He is tough, focused and completely independent. Jed knows he'll have to keep an eye on him. Callum knows he has to make his mark. But in a place that will either make or break you, someone always ends up broken... In this case it's Davie who takes his own life.

His dorm-mates don't really care. They are soon to leave on an "outward bound" course on a deserted island. But it is not the "holiday" they expected and the island is not deserted! They stumble upon another camp with two girls, Mandy (Lenora Crichlow) and Jo (Karly Greene), also young offenders sent to the island to 'bond'. Their warder is no-nonsense, ex-army sergeant Louise (Alex Reid). The girls think they've found their stalker, for the boys are not alone in feeling that they're being watched...

Then a mysterious hunter begins to pick them off with ruthless efficiency.

Trapped on the island the boys soon realise the attacks are not random but motivated by a thirst for revenge. They are forced to face up to their crimes for the first time in their young lives. Panicked, they try and find safety - but their every move is followed by the hunter... only if they work together, keep their heads and face up to their attacker - then, maybe, they'll just make it...

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