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Year: 2006
UK: SB Distribution / Ratrace Distribution
Cast: Samantha Shields, Peter Capaldi, Martin Compston, Nicola Muldoon, Jamie Quinn, Kevin Quinn
Director: Craig Strachan
Country: UK
UK: 73 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong bloody horror and language
UK Release Date: 24 February 2006


16 year-old Kelly Ann (Samantha Shields) gives birth to a baby boy, which is adopted straight away. Six weeks later, trying to get over the emotional upset, she goes on an overnight hike with her church youth group. Much to her displeasure the group is joined by 18 year-old Lee (Martin Compston), the father of Kelly Ann's baby, who she had wanted to keep some distance from.

The rest of the group become increasingly worried when Kelly Ann starts thinking she can hear a baby crying on the moors. But when they do indeed find a baby abandoned in a ruined castle they decide to hike back to take the baby to safety. However the group is stalked by a wild beast that attacks them, picking them off one by one.

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