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Year: 2010
USA: Five & Two Pictures / Pure Flix / Jenkins Entertainment
Cast: Kevin Sorbo, Kristy Swanson, Debby Ryan, John Ratzenberger, Taylor Groothuis, Kristin Minter, Stelio Savante, Toni Trucks, Thomas Flannery Jr, Brad Heller, Dennis Lee Kelly, Dallas Jenkins
Director: Dallas Jenkins
Country: USA
USA Rated: PG for some mild thematic elements
USA Release Date: 20 August 2010 (Limited Release)

Movie reviews

Ben Walker (Kevin Sorbo) left his college sweetheart Wendy (Kristy Swanson) and his calling to be a preacher, in order to pursue a business opportunity. That was fifteen years ago. Now with a high-paying executive gig, a trophy fiance, and a brand new Mercedes, he hasn't considered a family nor has he felt like setting foot in a church since.

But God seems to have other plans...

Starring Kevin Sorbo (ANDROMEDA, MEET THE SPARTANS), Kristy Swanson (FORBIDDEN SECRETS), Debby Ryan (THE SUITE LIFE ON DECK TV series), and John Ratzenberger (TOY STORY movies).

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