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Year: 2000
USA: Strand Releasing
Cast: Deborah Unger, Jared Harris, D B Sweeney, Gena Rowlands, Brooke Shields, David Conrad, James Duval, Gary Dourdan
Director: Brian Skeet
Countries: UK / USA
USA: 97 mins
USA Release Date: 22 November 2000 (Limited Release - Los Angeles and New York)


Based on the highly-acclaimed novel 'The Weekend' by Peter Cameron, Brian Skeet's screenplay chronicles one midsummer weekend in a country house in upstate New York when three friends gather on the anniversary of the death of a man who was related to them all by either blood or love.

Marian and John Kerr (Deborah Kara Unger And Jared Harris) are a young couple struggling to hold their marriage together, with Marian's all-consuming concerns for their year old baby increasing the tension between them. Their beautiful country home is the setting against which the drama unfolds.

Eagerly awaited houseguest is Lyle (David Conrad), Marian's best friend, and lover of John's late brother, Tony (D B Sweeney). Unexpectedly, he turns up with a new partner, Robert (James Duval), who immediately senses that he is none too welcome. It is the anniversary of Tony's death.

Meanwhile, neighbour Laura Ponti (Gena Rowlands), a wealthy widow engaged in writing a memoir on the husband she loved, is knocked off balance by an unexpected visit from her estranged daughter Nina (Brooke Shields), a feisty B-Movie actress who delights in baiting her mother. In tow is her latest lover, Thierry (Gary Dourdan), a married man.

With sexual and emotional tensions running high, eight people come together for supper one sultry midsummer weekend.

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