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Year: 1999
UK: Viking Films
Cast: Adrian Dunbar, Tony Slattery, Amanda Redman, James Purefoy, Neil Stuke, Leslie Grantham, Victoria Smurfit, Susan Vidler, Sara Stockbridge
Director: Rami Dvir
Country: UK
UK: 92 mins
UK Certificate: 15 for strong language and sex
UK Release Date: 11 August 2000


Hal (James Purejoy) an over-sexed photographer is due to marry Vinni (Susan Vidler) in a week's time but has got cold feet. So cold, he's got frostbite and wants out. Little Ted (Tony Slattery) a scheming, sexually frustrated cartoonist is obsessed with Vinni, despite the fact that he dumped her when they went out together. Both Little Ted and Hal have plans to disrupt the wedding and they individually contact Mr Mac (Adrian Dunbar), a weary swimming coach, to help them out.

Mr Mac though has problems of his own since he is having an affair with barmaid Petula (Amanda Redman), who has a psychotic husband, George (Leslie Grantham).To confuse things further Hal and Clodagh (Victoria Smurfit), girlfriend of his mate Salty (Neil Stuke), are having an affair. Clodagh is determined to have Hal permanently and Vinnie is having second thoughts about her marriage to Hal and intents to gatecrash his stag night.

On Hal's stag night Little Ted sets in motion a disastrous chain of events when he convinces Mr Mac to get Petula the barmaid, to seduce Hal in a pub lavatory so that he can photograph it. Hal in the meantime wants Mr Mac to seduce Vinni so that he can catch them in the act thus giving him the excuse to call off the wedding. During the chain of events that unfold little does Mr Mac realise he is being stalked by George.

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