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Year: 2010
USA: Indican Pictures
Cast: Michael Ciriaco, Brea Grant, Hollis McLachlan, David N Donihue, Ellyse Deanna, Jennifer Salvucci,
Ruby Ann Bradt Vandersee, Ellyse Deanna, Roxy Contin, Donna Hall
Director: David N Donihue
Country: USA
USA: 310 mins
USA Release Date: 26 January 2010 (Limited Release)


The first ever film that actually allows the viewer to control the action and to choose your own adventure for the film!! When Eric and Liz (Brea Grant - NBC's HEROES, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) break up the night is just starting. Their fate is now in your hands as you control the film via your remote control (or mouse if online).

THE WEATHERED UNDERGROUND has 30 different endings, over 1,000 choices and can be played/viewed for up to forty hours! Welcome to the next age of filmmaking!!

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