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Year: 1999
UK: Guerilla Films
Cast: Bill Thomas, Chrissie Cotterill, Craig Fairbrass, Edna Dore, Claudine Spiteri, Jean Ainslie, Vivienne Douglas, Richard Dixon
Director: Julian Nott
Country: UK
UK: 86 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains coarse language and strong sexual references
UK Release Date: 1 June 2001


Produced and directed by Julian Nott, WEAK AT DENISE is a story about Colin (Bill Thomas), who desperately wants a girlfriend. But since every girl gives him a wide berth, he finds his consolation in building remote controlled models of World War Two classic aircraft.

Then one day the gorgeous Denise (Chrissie Cotterill) appears on the scene, and romance seems to bloom. His passions aroused, Colin thinks things are finally going his way. But Denise and her boyfriend Roy (Craig Fairbrass) have evil plans for the hopeless Colin, which draw him into a dark web of sexual intrigue, life-threatening experiences and an extremely incompetent murder plot...

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