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Year: 2003
USA: Indican Pictures
Cast: Anna Nicole Smith, Antonio Sabato Jr, Jason London, Alanna Ubach, Alexis Arquette, Barney Cheng, Guillermo Diaz, Irina Maleeva, Tim Meadows, Federico Dordei, Dariush Kashani, Christian Keiber, Johnny Williams, Jason Boggs, Megan Cavanagh, Arturo Gil, Crystal Kwon, Lisa Arning, Leslie Jordan, Troy DeWalt
Director: Lee Friedlander
Country: USA
USA: 92 mins
USA Rated: R for sexual content
USA Release Date: 21 October 2005 (Limited Release - Los Angeles)


It's the night before Halloween and everyone in LA is finalizing their costumes for the annual West Hollywood Halloween Parade, the biggest and brashest block party of the year. An eclectic group of friends - Fredrico (Antonio Sabato Jr.), a hot young Latino spinning instructor; Dave (Tim Meadows), a successful African-American stockbroker; Evan (Jason London), a stylish young interior designer; Harvey (Barney Cheng), Evan's equally fabulous business partner and boyfriend; and Emme (Alanna Ubach), a quirky young woman obsessed with style and vintage movies - have been anxiously awaiting this night all year.

Their dilemma, however...what to be for Halloween? The friends all agree to dress up as pieces of spicy wasabi tuna sushi. But Emme wants an edgy, fresh, dangerous and unexpected costume and convinces the group to go as gangbangers, straight from the rough-and-tumble streets of East LA. In order to achieve this authentic "from the hood" look, this fashionable group has to go to the professionals.

With just a few hours until the start of the Halloween festivities, the five friends split up. Dave makes his way to East LA to meet Romeo (Guillermo Diaz), a real life gangster who agrees to loan Dave his purple low-rider in exchange for his Porsche; Emme gets advice on the latest makeup techniques and wardrobe from an authority on urban street-style; Evan and Harvey go in search of the most fabulous Italian-made designer gang-bang wear; while Fredrico, is across town scoring the group some serious fake firepower.

Suddenly, Evan and Harvey get a call from their client Mrs. Hasadan (Irina Maleeva), a shady woman who mistreats her dog and screams obscenities. When she orders the design duo to transport a valuable vase to Chinatown, Harvey decides to rescue the dog from her evil abuse and names it Sugar Pie. Meanwhile, a botched transaction at the military store leaves Fredrico and his pals with a bag of real guns and a bunch of bona fide gangsters with a bag full of faux-guns.

The group soon meets at a rendezvous point to check out each other's outfits and pick up the low-rider. Little do they know, they've been followed by not one, but four different cars - a duo of undercover police, Mrs. Hasadan's hit-men, a group of drag queens known as the Santa Ana Annas (Alexis Arquette) who have mistaken Mrs. Hasadan's dog for Sugar Pie, the dog of their idol Anna Nicole Smith, and Megan (Megan Cavanagh), Fredrico's obsessed spinning student. Chaos ensues later that night when the group heads out for the parade and runs into the gangsters looking for their guns. It's not until Anna Nicole Smith (as herself) and her entourage surprisingly arrives on the scene that the final pieces of the puzzle are put together and the mysteries solved.

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