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Year: 2005
USA: Lions Gate Films
UK: Momentum Pictures
Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, Justin Long, Kaitlin Doubleday, Chi McBride, Luis Guzman, David Koechner, John Francis Daley, Patrick Benedict, Alanna Ubach, Vanessa Lengies, Max Kasch, Andy Milonakis, Dane Cook, Jordan Ladd, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Wendie Malick, Monica Monica, Travis Resor JD Evermoore, Clay Chamberlain, Skyler Stone, Melissa Morgan Don Brady, Anne Ewen, Pat Hazell, Jordan Werner, Skylar Duhe, Ann Marie Guidry, Lauren Swinney, Wayne Ferrara, Richard Netzberger, Roland W Hoffman, Melissa Alonzo, Todd Voltz, Rob Wagner, Matt, Shedric
Director: Rob McKittrick
Country: USA
UK: 94 mins
USA Rated: R for strong crude and sexual humor, pervasive language and some drug use
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and sex references
USA Release Date: 7 October 2005
UK Release Date: 19 May 2006

UK Distributor


What happens in the kitchen ends up on the plate.

A hilarious comedy about frustrated waiters, stingy tippers and dicey food, Lions Gate Films' WAITING... stars Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris and Justin Long as young employees battling boredom at ShenaniganZ, a generic chain restaurant.

A waiter for four years since high school, Dean (Justin Long) has never questioned his job at ShenaniganZ. But when he learns that Chett, a high school classmate, now has a lucrative career in electrical engineering, he's thrown into turmoil about his dead-end life. Dean's friend Monty (Ryan Reynolds) is in exactly the same boat, but he couldn't care less. More concerned with partying and getting laid, Monty is put in charge of training Mitch (John Francis Daley), a shy new employee. Over the course of one chaotic shift, Mitch gets to know the rest of ShenaniganZ's quirky staff: Monty's tough-talking ex-girlfriend, Serena (Anna Faris); ShenaniganZ's over-zealous manager, Dan (David Koechner); and head cook Raddimus (Luis Guzman), who's obsessed with a senseless staff-wide competition known only as "The Game"...

Featuring lazy busboys, unsanitary kitchen antics, and lots of talk about sex, WAITING... is a hysterical, behind-the-scenes look at the restaurant industry, and an affectionate ode to those lost, and thoroughly unproductive, days of youth.

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