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Year: 2005
USA: Miramax Films
Cast: Agnes Bruckner, Method Man, Bijou Phillips, D J Cotrona, Jonathan Jackson, Megan Good, Laura Ramsey, Rick Cramer, Pawel Szajda, Davetta Sherwood, Stacey Travis, Marcus Brown, James Pickens Jr, Deborah Duke
Director: Jim Gillespie
Country: USA
USA: 85 mins
USA Rated R: for strong horror violence/gore, and language
USA Release Date: 16 September 2005


VENOM, a voodoo horror movie, is set in the swamps of Louisiana. A group of teenagers are trying to find out why their friend has died mysteriously but fall prey to an evil force intent on their destruction.

Jim Gillespie (I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER) directs while VENOM is produced by Kevin Williamson (SCREAM, DAWSON'S CREEK).

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