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Year: 2000
USA: Cowboy Booking International
Cast: Antonio Canales, Orestes Villasan Rodriguez, Antonio Perez Dechent, Bobote, Juan Luis Corrientes, Fernando Guerrero Rebollo, Francisco Chavero Rios, Jose Ramirez 'El Cheli', Juan-Luis Barrios Llorente, Jesús Maria Ventura, El Moro, Manuel Vega Salazar, Maria Faraco, Natasha Mayghine, Maria Altea Maya
Director: Tony Gatlif
Countries: France / Germany / Japan / Spain
Languages: French / Spanish
USA: 77 mins
USA Release Date: 7 September 2001 (Limited Release - New York)
US Distributor


Directed, produced and co-written by Tony Gatlif, VENGO is a majestic ode to the artistry and magic of flamenco dancing, set against the compelling backdrop of two gypsy families locked in an age old struggle for power.

Set upon the dusty plains of Spain, a proud Clan leader, Caco, played by famed flamenco dancer Antonio Canales, must fight to end the bloody feud that's been raging between his family and the rival Caravacas clan for generations. After witnessing the death of his beloved daughter, Caco transfers his love and protection to Diego, his disabled nephew. Diego's father has gone into hiding after killing a member of the opposing family, and now his own son has been targeted for death in return. Caught between his allegiance to his family and his understanding of the Caravacas' unquenchable thirst for justice, Caco must stop the bloodshed from tearing his world apart once and for all.

At the center of the story, however, is flamenco itself - the heart and soul of the gypsy people. The roots of flamenco are spread over twelve centuries of time and four distinct cultures, finally flowering in Andalucia, Spain during the mid Nineteenth century. A mesmerizing feast for the eyes as well as the ears, director Tony Gatlif propels Flamenco into the twenty first century as VENGO eloquently echoes the emotions of his characters in the beautiful, traditional songs of internationally-acclaimed musicians Tomatito, Sheikh Ahmad al Tuni, La Caita and La Paquera de Jerez.

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