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Year: 1975
Cast: Eva Kotamanidou, Aliki Georgouli, Stratos Pahis, Maria Vassiliou, Petros Zarkadis, Kiriakos Katrivanos, Yannis Firios, Nina Papazaphiropoulou, Alekos Boubis, Kosta Stiliaris, Greg Evaghelathos, Vangelis Kazan
Director: Theo Angelopoulos
Country: Greece
Language: Greek (English subtitles)
UK: 230 mins
UK Release Date: 7 November 2003 (Limited Re-release)


Directed by Theo Angelopoulos, THE TRAVELLING PLAYERS introduced him to international audiences and follows a troupe of actors around a series of small towns in Greece between the years 1939 and 1952. The actors persevere in their efforts to stage a version of the traditional folk drama 'Golfo the Shepherdess' but for the most part they perform to some very disinterested audiences.

Inevitably their experiences are shaped by the traumas of fascism, communism and civil war, as well as the fact that the film was made amazingly in Greece in 1974 under the Greek colonels' military rule.

Almost four hours long, THE TRAVELLING PLAYERS is a classic.

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