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Year: 2010
USA: Moving Pictures Film & Television
UK: Uno Films
Cast: Mandy Moore, Martin Freeman, Melissa George, Jonathan Silverman, Jerry Stiller, Angus Deayton, Daisy Beaumont, Paul Chowdhry, Edward Akrout, Tim Beckmann, Graham Bohea, Elizabeth Tan, Delia Antal, Alec Christie, Kenneth Collard, Holli Dillon, Sarah Edwardson, Oleg Kalninsh, Beverley Klein, Anya Lahiri, James Palmer, Danielle Sambrook, Louie Spence, Mario Vernazza, Tracy Wiles, Carolyn Tomkinson
Director: Jonathan Newman
Countries: UK / USA
UK: 84 mins
USA Rated: R for sexual content and language
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong sex and sex references
USA Release Date: tbc
UK Release Date: 17 June 2011 (Limited Release)

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"How do you keep the flame alive?"

Swinging with the Finkels tells the story of Alvin and Ellie Finkel played by British comedy favourite Martin Freeman (THE OFFICE, THE HOBBIT) and US film, music and TV star Mandy Moore (LICENSE TO WED, TANGLED), a couple living in London at breaking point in their relationship. As two young students, Alvin and Ellie met at university and fell in love. A few years later they are now married with successful careers and very little time for each other. They are getting dangerously close to falling out of love…

As the marriage of their closest friends Peter and Janet played by US comedy star Jonathan Silverman (WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S) and Australian actress Melissa George (30 DAYS OF NIGHT), hits the rocks after Peter embarks on a steamy affair, the Finkels are encouraged to analyse their relationship and decide whether they have a marriage worth saving. Do they stay together and continue with their increasingly stale relationship, or should they attempt to relight the flame that they are both missing? Would sex toys be the answer? Will dressing up and role play help spice things up? Or should they indulge in the ultimate marriage scruple of wife swapping? Alvin and Ellie are about to discover whether swinging is the answer to their marital problems…

Featuring an unforgettably “cheeky” appearance by TV personality Angus Deayton as he has never been seen before, and also starring British comedy star Daisy Beaumont (STAR STORIES), US comedy legend Jerry Stiller (ZOOLANDER) and Pineapple Dance Studios’ Louis Spence, SWINGING WITH THE FINKELS is directed by Jonathan Newman, creator of the original short film SEX WITH THE FINKELS and produced by Deepak Nayar (BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM).

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