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Year: 2002
USA: Twentieth Century Fox
UK: Icon Film Distribution
Cast: Jesse Bradford, Erika Christensen, Shiri Appleby, Kate Burton, Clayne Crawford, Jason Ritter, Kia Joy Goodwin, Dan Hedaya, Michael Higgins, Nick Sandow, Pamela Isaacs, James Debello, Phyllis Sommerville, Tom Cappadonna, Malcolm Barrett, Ken Triwush, Peter Hermann, John Knox, Amy Mapother, Patricia Rae, Ben Epps, Dan Fountain, Max Rosmarin, Chris Fischer, Christopher Rivera, Kevin Payne, Monroe Mann
Director: John Polson
Country: USA
USA: 90 mins
UK: 84 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for mature thematic elements, sexual content, disturbing images and language
UK Certificate: 12A contains moderate sex and violence
USA Release Date: 6 September 2002
UK Release Date: 20 September 2002


With a beautiful girlfriend and a promising swimming career, Ben Cronin's (Jesse Bradford) life seems almost perfect. That is until the most popular kid in senior year meets his new number one fan.

She's the new girl in town and she could have anyone she wants, but Madison Bell (Erika Christensen) only wants Ben and she's not taking no for an answer. Her determination pays off and she seduces Ben into a passionate one-night stand. At least that's what it is to Ben, unfortunately for him she doesn't see it quite the same way.

Racked with guilt for cheating on his girlfriend Amy (Shiri Appleby), Ben insists to Madison that he just wants to be friends, nothing more. She agrees but seems to have a very different understanding of friendship to that of Ben, as she continues to stalk him.

As this obsession with Ben grows, his life begins to unravel. First he's kicked off the swim team, then his best friend is found dead in the school's pool with all clues leading to Ben. Soon he finds himself on the run after being accused of trying to kill his own girlfriend.

Ben suspects Madison is behind it all and sets out to clear his name. With no one by his side, he starts investigating her past and is shocked by the dark secrets he discovers. Convinced that Madison will do anything to destroy his life, Ben decides to put an end to her game for good.

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