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Year: 2004
UK: Pathe Distribution
Cast: Summer Phoenix, Leo Gregory, Stanley Townsend, Rebecca Front, Frances Barber, Iddo Goldberg, Miriam Karlin, Sophie Winkleman, Ariana Fraval, Gem Souleyman, Roger Kitter, Gwyneth Strong, Daniel Mendoza, Rachel Stevens, Steve Furst, James Hyman, Steve Jameson, Dulcie Lewis, Leon Lissek, Joseph Long, Debra Tammer, Debbie Chazen
Director: Ric Cantor
Country: UK
UK: 93 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language, moderate sex and soft drug use
UK Release Date: 5 March 2004


On the surface Suzie's (Summer Phoenix) life seems perfect. She has great friends, career opportunities and a loving family. However, while living at home with her parents Barbara (Rebecca Front) and Irving (Stanley Townsend) and her rebellious teenage brother Toby (Gem Souleyman), Suzie slowly comes to realize the truly neurotic, albeit loving, nature of her family.

Suzie's younger sister Sophie (Ariana Fraval) is getting married and the pressure is on for her to follow suit. The intensity of this pressure builds when Anthony Silver (Iddo Goldberg), the 'perfect' boy from a good Jewish family returns from university and comes to dinner at the Gold household. Barbara, characteristically unsubtle in manner, cannot contain her enthusiasm and even Suzie can't help but feel excited at the thought of seeing the almost legendary, handsome and wealthy Anthony. Much to the delight of her parents, Anthony courts Suzie and asks her out on a date. Excited by the prospect, Suzie obsesses over every detail of her appearance - she wants to impress the 'perfect' boy on their 'perfect' date.

Much to her surprise and dismay, however, Anthony's idea of a perfect date couldn't be further from her own. He takes her to a skating rink for 'Jews on Ice' where Suzie spends half the time crawling on the ice while Anthony, self-importantly, talks away on his mobile. Despite his strong credentials in the eyes of her family Suzie realizes that it is more a case of pressure than real attraction that draws her to Anthony and, for her, there is no real connection. Still, Suzie feels compelled not to close any doors and convinces herself that one day she could - and would have to - grow to love a nice Jewish boy like Anthony.

However, the situation is complicated when Suzie starts an exciting new job as a runner at a television station. Her first day on the job she meets the smart, sexy, and charming Darren (Leo Gregory). Run-ins in the photocopy room and casual dates eventually turn into something more serious and Suzie has never felt happier or more comfortable with anyone. But there is one major problem in their relationship, Darren is not Jewish, and although Suzie feels completely at ease when she is with Darren, she feels ashamed and incapable of introducing him to her family. She worries that her parents could never accept Darren on the basis of his differing faith. The only member of her family she confides in is her loving grandmother Sadie who encourages Suzie to do what makes her happy. But Darren ends their relationship.

Her break-up is also eclipsed by the death of her beloved grandmother. She takes leave from work to grieve with her family, drawing her closer to her parents and rekindling an appreciation for her culture and traditions. When she returns to work to find that Darren has left the station she decides to give Anthony another chance with the hope that she might fall in love with him. Motivated by thoughts of making her family happy and living the life expected of her she believes that she can make it work.

But, at Sophie's wedding things get serious. To her mother's sheer delight and to Suzie's horror Anthony upstages the show by seeking a commitment from her in front of everyone she has ever known. Suzie is faced with a crisis. She has to decide whether a life that conforms to her family's expectations and social conventions is more important than following her own feelings.

SUZIE GOLD was directed by first time feature director, Ric Cantor and produced by Rebecca Green of Green Wolf Films on behalf of Inside Track. The screenplay, from an original story by Green, is written by Cantor, Carry Franklin and Lisa Ratner.


Language: English
Subtitle: English Hard of Hearing
Original Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 (16x9)
Sound Quality: English 5.1
DVD Special Features: Trailer, TV Spots

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