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Year: 2001
UK: BFI Programme Unit / ICA
Cast: Aleksandar Balaban, Zoran Marjanovic Ceda, Nenad Gajin Coce, Goran Markovski Glava, Drazen Jankovic, Dr Nele Karajlic, Emir Kusturica, Stribor Kusturica, Zoran Milosevic, Nenad Petrovic, Dejan Sparavalo, Joe Strummer
Director: Emir Kusturica
Country: Germany
Languages: German / SerboCroat (English subtitles)
UK: 90 mins
UK Release Date: 29 March 2002


A huge hit on the festival scene, Emir Kusturica's wild documentary sets out in pursuit of 'Balkan Punk', a joyous fusion of musical styles as diverse as punk, jazz and Romany folk, a sound familiar to those who loved the exhilarating score of Kusturica's last feature, BLACK CAT, WHITE CAT.

The film focuses on the ironically named, No Smoking Orchestra, which was founded in Sarajevo during the late 70s and rose to cult status, passing unprotected and unbiased through the devastating history of the region. With all of Kusturica's trademark visual flair, the film cuts Super-8 images, shoot-from-the-hip camera work, private home movies and interviews with the band into a dizzying vortex.

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