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Year: 2008
UK: Vertigo Distribution
Cast: Robert Carlyle, Rachael Blake, Steve Evets, Michael Socha, Joanna Tulej, Sean Kelly, Joe Doherty
Director: Kenneth Glenaan
Country: UK
UK: 83 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language
UK Release Date: 5 December 2008 (Limited Release)


As kids, Shaun (Sean Kelly) and Daz (Joe Doherty) are inseparable, skipping school, racing bikes, knocking about down by the lake with Katy (Joanna Tulej), Shaun's first love. Full of life, Shaun runs up against an education that cannot contain him. He is eventually rejected, taking Daz down with him as he self-destructs.

Twenty years later, Daz (Steve Evets) is in a wheelchair and has eight weeks to live. Shaun (Robert Carlyle) is left to reflect on one gilded summer of love, sex and loyalty that marked the end of his innocence. His memories lead him to track down Katy (Rachael Blake), in a bid for personal redemption. This is a story of bright lives unfulfilled, of hopes that are snuffed out and then, finally rekindled.

SUMMER is directed by Kenny Glenaan (GASWORK, YASMIN) and produced by Camilla Bray for Sixteen Films

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