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Year: 2005
USA: Halestone Distribution
Cast: Brandon Beemer, Ty Hodges, Allison Lange, Shaun Weiss, Jason Winer, Robert Prosky, Charles Napier, Reginald Veljohnson, Fred Dyer, Alex Freeman, Christine Lakin, Pat Crawford Brown, Orlando Brown, Jeremy Kent Jackson, Dave Secor, Don Brunner, Bonnie Hellman, Lisa Simms, Nate Torrance, Ross Kohn, Jayne Taini, Georg Olden, Eric Edelstein, Justin Thomson, Dennis Delsing, Marlon Bateman, Victoria Rudd, Robbie Mahron, Steve Bunch, Rodney Henson, David Broberg
Director: Rodney Henson
Country: USA
USA: 93 mins
USA Rated: PG for some language and brief violence
USA Release Date: 3 February 2006 (Limited Release - Utah)


Two delinquents. The perfect disguise. Only she can stop them in their tracks.

Identity theft is taken to a new level in SUITS ON THE LOOSE when two rebellious teens escape from a juvenile detention camp and steal two Mormon missionaries' car, clothes and nametags to avoid recognition. With this all-too convincing disguise, the town officials catch them and insist on escorting these two "missionaries" to their new area. These two misfits map out their escape while living the peculiar life of religion, rules and responsibilities, only to find that the one thing stopping them is their heart.

SUITS ON THE LOOSE is the story of two rebellious teens—Justin (Brandon Beemer) and Ty (Ty Hodges)—who break out from a state-sponsored correctional facility, led by General Wilkins (Charles Napier), in the Mojave Desert. When their getaway vehicle breaks down at a deserted rest stop, they steal a car from two naïve Mormon missionaries—Elder Talbot (Shaun Weiss) and Elder Johnson (Jason Winer) — who are on their way to their next assignment. Scrapping their military fatigues for conservative missionary nametags in hopes of passing through any road blocks, their guise is so good that the police insist upon escorting the escapees directly to New Harmony, the town that's been anxiously awaiting their Mormon missionaries.

These two renegades find themselves in a small town where the expectations of them are unprecedented. But as Justin and Ty plan their escape they get swept up in life as missionaries among the welcoming New Harmony locals. Even the abusive rednecks don't detract from the "caring" people of the town, like Bishop Hollister (Robert Prosky) and Regy Steedman (Reginald Veljohnson). Plus Sarah (Allison Lange), a beautiful and charming waitress, catches Justin's unsuspecting heart almost immediately with her confidence and bold honesty.

But Justin and Ty soon realize they have taken on more than they bargained for. To keep the townspeople fooled, they have to play the part - up by six o' clock, no drinking, no smoking, no dating life and lights out at ten. Missionary life is much worse than a detention program!

With Elder Talbot and Elder Johnson destined to arrive, Justin and Ty face the decision of a lifetime, either run away again from those who have come to love and trust them, or come clean and allow their delinquent past to catch up with them.

This heartfelt comedy about being lost and found is supported by a very talented cast and music from well-known bands such as Gene Loves Jezebel and The Alarm, with cameos by Fred Dryer and Orlando Brown.

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