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Year: 2012
UK: Kaleidoscope Film Distribution
Cast: Adele Silva, Robert Englund, Billy Murray, Martin Kemp, Ali Bastain, Barbara Nedeljakova, Steven Berkoff, Ali Bastian, Mark Bayliss, Martin Compston, Alan Ford, Nick Nevern, Coralie Rose, Lysette Anthony, Sarah Douglas, Lucy Pinder, Barbara Nedeljakova, Billy Chainsaw, Rita Ramnani, Charlie Bond
Director: Jonathan Glendening
Country: UK
UK: 93 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong violence, gore, language and sexualised nudity
UK Release Date: 27 April 2012 (Limited Release)


"Stripping has never been so hairy."

When Justice, a stripper, performs a private lap dance for Mickey, he violates the no-touching policy by growing fangs and claws then attempts to eat her! Justice panics, grabs a silver fountain pen and fatally stabs him. Jeanette, the club’s owner, doesn't want any more trouble, so she orders the club’s bouncer to quietly dispose of the body.

Unbeknown to Jeanette, Mickey is a member of a bloodthirsty pack of werewolves and when his body is discovered, Jack Ferris, the leader of the werewolves, is out for revenge and commands his pack to hunt down the killers.

Starring Adele Silva (EMMERDALE), Robert Englund (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET), Billy Murray (EASTENDERS), Martin Kemp (THE KRAYS), Ali Bastain (HOLLYOAKS) , Barbara Nedeljakova (HOSTEL) and Steven Berkoff.

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