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Year: 2008
USA: Roadside Attractions
UK: High Fliers Films
Cast: Jim Caviezel, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Mozhan MarnÚ, Vachik Mangassarian, Navid Negahban, Ali Pourtash, David Diaan Parviz Sayyad, Vida Ghahremani, Maggie Parto
Director: Cyrus Nowrasteh
Country: USA
USA: 116 mins
UK: 114 mins
USA Rated: R for a disturbing sequence of cruel and brutal violence, and brief strong language
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong bloody violence and one use of very strong language
USA Release Date: 26 June 2009 (Limited Release)
UK Release Date: 22 October 2010 (Limited Release)


Academy Award nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo and THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST star Jim Caviezel star in this powerful drama of one woman's persecution at the hands of religious extremists.

Based on a true story and set in Iran in 1986, journalist Freidoune Sahebjam's (Caviezel) finds himself stranded in a remote village when his car breaks down. While he is trying to sort this out he strikes up a conversation with Zahra (Shohreh Aghdashloo), a woman mourning the tragic death of her niece, Soraya M. (Mozhan MarnÚ). Zahra recounts Soraya's untimely and violent death whose arranged marriage ended disastrously and was publicly stoned as a punishment.

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