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Year: 2002
UK: Redbus
Cast: Stephen Dorff, Natasha Henstridge, Bruce Payne, Steven Berkoff, Cle Bennett, Karen Cliche, Steven McCarthy, Alain Goulem, Andreas Apergis, Tom McCamus, Anderson C Bradshaw, David Gow, Jamie Orchard, Stephen Spreekmeester, Mariusz Sibiga, Brett Watson, Jennifer Rae Westley
Director: Gerard Pires
Countries: UK / France / Canada
UK: 85 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and moderate sex, sexual references and violence
UK Release Date: 21 November 2003


Slim (Stephen Dorff), Otis (Cle Bennett), Frank (Steven McCarthy) and Alex (Karen Cliche) (three men and a woman) make up a talented group of young adults who excel at bank robberies... and the subsequent escapes. Whether disappearing into the crowd, blending into a rollerblade marathon or sticking up an armored money van, they always manage to slip through the hands of the law, thanks to their mastery in extreme sports. Rollerblading, base-jumping, there are no limits to what they'll do to make their get-aways!

Slim, the brain behind the group, devises a final heist, which will allow them to retire; five consecutive robberies in five days, which will rake in 20 million dollars. But this time the police put all their resources into catching them, and hired killers, lured by the loot, complicate their plan...

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