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Year: 2002
UK: Helkon SK
Cast: Seann William Scott, Timm Sharp, Patrick Breen, John B Crye, Suzy Nakamura, Lou Diamond Phillips, Dave Foley, Kavan Smith, Paul Hungerford, Monet Mazur, Jody Racicot, Terry Chen, Yee Jee Tso, Ty Olsson, Carl McDonald, C Ernst Harth, Reagan Dale Neis, Adam Arkin, Lina Teal, Christine Chatelain, Ryan Robbins, Michael Eklund, Damonde Tschritter, John Beuhler, Fred Ewanuick, Michael Roselly, Robert Astles, Phillip Beer
Directors: Drew Daywalt, Dave Schneider
Country: USA
UK: 101 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language, sexual references, and moderate violence
UK Release Date: 24 January 2003 (Limited Release)


If all goes according to plan, tonight will be Ben McGewen's (Seann William Scott) first, and last, foray into rave promotion. A 20-something grifter - and devoted student of the Discovery Channel - Ben is merely staging his gig at the trendy Lucky Dragon nightclub to conceal a bank robbery next door. His target? The legendary Chinese god of fire statue, Chu-Jung, which he must steal to pay off his late brother's $250,000 debt to vicious Irish mob boss Mr. Gregory (Lou Diamond Philips).

To help him, Ben has assembled what he hopes is a crack team of accomplices: best friend and look-out Rikki Simms (Timm Sharp), software engineer Betsy Shin (Suzy Nakamura), pyrotechnics expert Jake Nealson (John Crye), and Jeffrey Jay (Patrick Breen), black sheep of the Pinkerton Safe Company family. Using the rave as a cover, the team has seven hours to drill through the club's storage room and blast into the bank. Then, with the alarm's sonic detector disabled by the party's pounding decibel level, Ben can waltz into the vault and out of Mr. Gregory's reach. If all goes according to plan...

The first sign of trouble comes when the club's smarmy owner, Don Partridge (Adam Arkin), announces that he'll be staying to keep an eye on things. Undeterred, Ben opens the doors to a swelling line of avid club hoppers, only to be met by the icy gaze of Vanessa (Monet Mazur), a bad omen if ever there was one. Stunningly beautiful and equally bitchy, Vanessa has been fending off Ben for months, going so far as to throw a brick through his windshield to drop 'a hint'.

As the rave intensifies, so too does the pressure from Mr. Gregory, who is growing increasingly wary of Ben's ability to pull off the heist. After summoning Ben to the seedy Chou-Wang Pavilion restaurant, Gregory issues a predatory warning by plunging a chopstick into Rikki's hand.

The situation is no less messy back at the club, where a warm keg has nearly incited a riot and transvestites have commandeered the dressing room to prepare for their stage show. To make matters worse, incessant bickering has put Ben's cohorts woefully behind schedule. Ben meets each mounting crisis with calm resolution, determined to break free of his debt.

Against diminishing odds, and a ticking clock, Ben will have to find the strength to stare into the belly of the beast, and walk away unscathed. But first he'll have to deal with an irate FBI agent (Dave Foley), a Roofie-laced cocktail, a power outage, a double-crossing Chinese Mafioso, an ill-timed seizure, a giant dildo and one very pesky boa constrictor.

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