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Year: 2009
USA DVD : Anchor Bay Entertainment
UK DVD: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Cast: Diora Baird, Leslie Nielsen, Steve Howey, Kenan Thompson, Ben Cotton, Holly Eglington, Tara Wilson
Director: Bo Zenga
Country: USA
USA: 108 mins
UK: 87 mins
USA Rated: R for crude and sexual content, some drug use and language
UK Certificate: 18 contains very strong sex references
USA DVD Release Date: 27 October 2009
UK DVD Release Date: 1 February 2010


From the guy that bought you Scary Movie and starring highly successful actor and king of spoof comedy Leslie Neilsen, Stan Helsing is a recipe for guaranteed laughs. Follow descendant of legendary hero Van Helsing - Stan (Helsing) and his weird and wacky friends on their heroic mission to defeat the most feared and terrifying movie monsters of all time.

Stoner video store clerk and all-round loser Stan, (Steve Howey of Reba), heads out for a good time to a Halloween night costume party with his three pals - his insanely hot ex-girlfriend Nadine, (Wedding Crashers co-star and Maxim uber-babe Diora Baird), best friend Teddy, (SNL's Kenan Thompson) and Teddy's date, exotic dancer/massage therapist Mia, (sexy newcomer Desi Lydic). After taking a quick detour the gang find themselves in a seriously sticky situation as they face a town plagued by the most petrifying monsters of modern times: Freddy, Jason, Chucky, Pinhead, Michael Myers and Leatherface.

Discovering that he's a direct descendant of the notorious monster hunter Van Helsing, Stan decides that it is in his blood to take action and heroically defeat the monsters that are currently causing mayhem and terrorising the town.

Hilarious scenes ensue as Stan and the gang struggle to survive this creepy and bizarre night featuring cross-dressing waitresses (Leslie Nielsen), razor-gloved killers, hell raisers, hockey masks, leather faces, psycho dolls, homicidal hitchhikers, vampire strippers, killer karaoke...and TONNES of hot, sexy chicks kissing each other.

Can a guy whose motto is 'Don't get involved' learn to embrace huge doobs, awesome boobs, true love and yet still find time to save the world? The answer is a resounding yes as Stan and co. show that they're up to the challenge and Stan is no longer a reluctant hero but a hero through and through.


Audio Commentary with Writer/Producer/Director Bo Zenga and Actors Kenan Thompson and Desi Lydic
Killer Parody: The Making Of STAN HELSING
Stills Gallery
Storyboard Gallery
Extended, Alternate & Deleted Scenes:
Extended Strip Club
Alternate Behind The Door
Extended Phone Sex
Extended Frankenstein
Extended Karaoke
Deleted Doll Rape

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