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Year: 2008
USA: Magnolia Pictures
Cast: Shea Whigham, Jill Wagner, Paulo Costanzo, Rachel Kerbs, Laurel Whitsett, Charles Baker
Director: Toby Wilkins
Country: USA
USA: 82 mins
USA Rated: R for violence/gore and language
USA Release Date: 31 October 2008 (Limited Release)


Shot on location outside Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, taut horror thriller SPLINTER finds a young couple, Polly (Jill Wagner) and Seth (Paulo Costanzo), driving through the idyllic solitude of the surrounding forested hills on a romantic camping weekend. But their romantic interlude is shattered when they are car-jacked by an escaped convict Dennis (Shea Whigham) and his girlfriend Lacey (Rachel Kerbs) on the run from the police.

Unbeknownst to them, a blood-crazed, parasitic creature that absorbs the corpses of its victims has laid claim to the woods. With the two couples now in its sights, as the foursome travel the back roads together avoiding the law and each plotting their next move, they find themselves in deeper trouble than any of them could ever have imagined!

Finding shelter at an abandoned gas station, they must use their wits and every weapon at their disposal to stave off the onslaught, not only from the insatiable creature, but also each other....

The feature film debut from award-winning British horror director Toby Wilkins, SPLINTER is an exhilarating ride of jolts and laughs, and a throw back to the classic creature features of the early 70s and 80s.

SPLINTER was filmed over twenty nights in the dead of summer after one of Oklahoma's record breaking wettest seasons. Millions of insects created an orchestral cacophony of sound each night as the sun set and the cameras began to roll. The overwhelming din became part of the movie's soundtrack, adding to the surreal nature of the story and heightened the sense of danger in every scene.

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