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Year: 1998
USA: Regent Entertainment
Cast: Richmond Arquette, Barbara Barrie, Erin Beaux, Jonah Blechman, Margaret Cho, Phill Lewis, Jason London, James Parks, Rain Phoenix, Charlie Spradling, Yale Summers, Kim Winter
Director: Gil Cates Jr
Country: USA
USA: 91 mins
USA Release Date: 21 July 2000 (Limited Release - Los Angeles)


$PENT is about life in your twenties in Los Angeles, the city of broken dreams and celebrities, and people who think they're celebrities. It's even more about what happens to people caught up in the world of illusion, over-spending and denial. Throughout this story of friendship, struggle, denial but mainly addiction, there is always the comedy of everyday life in Los Angeles. $PENT deals with the difficulties of living in a society that wages everything on success. No wonder people turn to addiction.

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