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Year: 2008
USA: Warner Bros Pictures
UK: Warner Bros Pictures International UK
Cast: Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci, Matthew Fox, Susan Sarandon, John Goodman, Nicholas Elia, Ariel Winter, Melissa Holroyd, Scott Porter, Roger Allam, Kick Gurry, Christian Oliver, Ashley Walters, Joe Mazza, Joon Park, Milka Duno, Vinzenz Kiefer, Mark Zak, Paulie Litt, Julia Joyce, Clayton Nemrow, Ricky Watson, Nayo K Wallace, Roger Allam, Lauren Blake, Cosma Shiva Hagen, Ralph Herforth, Dari Maximova, Jana Pallaske,Richard Roundtree, Yu Nan, Moritz Bleibtreu, Benno Furmann, Melvil Poupaud
Director: The Wachowski Brothers
Country: USA
USA: 129 mins
UK: 135 mins
USA Rated: PG for sequences of action, some violence, language and brief smoking
UK Certificate: PG contains moderate fantasy violence and martial arts sequences
USA Release Date: 9 May 2008 (and Limited Release in IMAX theaters)
UK Release Date: 9 May 2008 (and Limited Release in - London, BFI IMAX cinemas)
UK DVD / Blu-ray Release Date: 10 November 2008


From Larry and Andy Wachowski, the creators of the groundbreaking THE MATRIX trilogy comes the high-octane family adventure, SPEED RACER.

Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch) is a teenage boy who always dreamed of living life in the fast lane. Racing is in his blood. His brother, record-breaking driver Rex Racer (Scott Porter - Prom Night, Music & Lyrics) was tragically killed when Speed was just a young boy, during the treacherous Casa Cristo cross-country rally race; notorious for intense driving and foul play.

Now, Speed is taking the racing world by storm with his finely tuned, artistic driving skills. His weapon of choice is the beautifully crafted, lightning-fast 'Mach 5' race car, designed by his father. But when the power-hungry, maniacal Mr.

Royalton (Roger Allam - V For Vendetta, A Cock And Bull Story), owner of the evil conglomerate Royalton Industries, offers Speed a lucrative racing contract, Speed declines, believing in the art of the race over financial gain, and remains loyal to the family business. Royalton reveals that some of the biggest races are being fixed by a handful of ruthless moguls who manipulate the top drivers to boost profits and if Speed won't drive for Royalton, he will see to it that the Mach 5 never crosses another finish line again.

Teaming up with his girlfriend Trixie (Christina Ricci), his one-time rival, enigmatic Racer X (Matthew Fox) and shifty Japanese racer Taejo Togokhan (Rain), Speed must win the Casa Cristo to expose Royalton's treacherous stranglehold on the racing world.

Will Speed overcome Royalton's wrath, fulfil his brother's legacy and save the future of racing?

Based on Tatsuo Yoshida's classic anime series, SPEED RACER will showcase the kind of revolutionary visual effects and cutting-edge storytelling that have become the benchmarks of the Wachowski brothers' films. The film also stars Christina Ricci and Susan Sarandon.


Speed Pass (Blu-Ray Exclusive) - In movie application.
Learn about character's cars, race track well as interviews with Formula 1 and NASCAR drivers.

Wonderful World of Racing (aka Mock Doc) Target is kids 10-16 and their parents.
A fun fictional history of the Racer family.

Supercharged (Blu-Ray Exclusive)
Mockumentary exploration of the other teams, drivers, cars and tracks in the film. Entertainment for younger kids.

Car Fu Cinema (Blu-Ray Exclusive)
How some of the most intense races ever put on film were created - without a single real car.

What is Bullet Time?

Spritle in the Big Leagues
Kid Actor Paulie Litt sees the sets of Speed Racer from a 36 inch vantage point.

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