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Year: 2000
Cast: Bonnie Bedelia, Delta Burke, Beth Grant, Ann Walker, Leslie Jordan, Rosemary Alexander, Beau Bridges, Kirk Geiger, Olivia Newton-John, Sarah Hunley, Newell Alexander, Earl Houston Bullock, Mitch Carter, Sharon Alexis, Mary Margaret Lewis
Director: Del Shores
Country: USA
USA: 111 mins
USA Release Date: 11 May 2001 (Limited Release - Los Angeles and Dallas)


In SORDID LIVES the all-star cast puts a comedic twist on a story of unconditional love, acceptance and coming out in a Texas family. The eccentric cast of characters in the film come together when their intertwining lives prepare for the funeral of Peggy, the family matriach.

Peggy, not your average grandmother, was having an illicit affair with a married man, G W Nethercott (Beau Bridges) and was found dead in a seedy motel. It wasn't the sex that killed her but her lover's wooden leg that she tripped over on route to the bathroom and caused her to crash headlong into the basin.

Her daughters LaVonda (Ann Walker) and Latrelle (Bonnie Bedelia) naturally begin fighting, not about what they stand to inherit, but about what their mother will wear in her coffin - a mink stole in the middle of summer with temperatures in the 100s! This isn't Latrelle's only problem to work out, she's in denial about other things, like how her mother died and about her son being gay. LaVonda has her troubles too. She wants to get their brother Earl -"Brother Boy"- (Leslie Jordan) out of the mental institution he's been living in for the last 20 years.

With other eccentric characters including their brother Earl, their aunt Sissy (Beth Grant) who decides to give up smoking the week of the funeral and Noleta Nethercott (Delta Burke) - a woman scorned and out for revenge with the help of LaVonda, her partner in crime. Lastly there's ex-con turned bar singer Bitsy Mae Harling (Olivia Newton-John), who had a deep meaningful relationship with the deceased.

Through it all though the family and their friends manage to join together for the funeral that has a few last minute hitches!

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