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Year: 2001
USA: Sony Pictures Classic
UK: Pathe Distribution
Cast: Ricardo Darin, Hector Alterio, Norma Aleandro, Eduardo Blanco, Natalia Verbeke, Gimena Nóbile, David Masajnik, Claudia Fontan, Atilio Pozzobon, Salo Pasik, Humberto Serrano, Fabian Arenillas, Mónica Cabrera, Giorgio Bellora, Victoria Troncoso, Miguel Padilla, Walter Mackenzie, Adrian Suar, Alfredo Alcón, Antonio Caride, Diego Mackenzie, Pablo Ingercher Casas, Rogelio Romano, Gabriela Arista, Gabriel Eisbruch, Leon Dogodny, Juan Jose Campanella, Fernando Alcalde
Director: Juan Jose Campanella
Countries: Argentina / Spain
Language: Spanish (English subtitles)
USA: 123 mins
UK: 121 mins
USA Rated: R for language
UK Certificate: 15 contains some strong language
USA Release Date: 22 March 2002 (Limited Release - New York)
UK Release Date: 23 May 2003

US Distributor


Rafael Belvedere (Ricardo Darin) is not happy with the life he leads. He can't communicate with life and with those close to him as, he never has the time. He's always switching on the television and comforts himself by watching old episodes of his favorite show: El Zorro. At 42, he doesn't look at all like his fiction hero, Diego de la Vega. Those childhood years when he put on the black cape, the mask, and pretended to be him are long gone. The reality is much more complicated. He feels that he can't reach anybody's expectations. He has no ideals, has a divorce behind him and only lives for the restaurant his father founded (Hector Alterio). He hasn't even taken time to watch his daughter, Vicky (Gimena Nóbile) grow up. He has no friends and prefers to avoid any commitment with his girlfriend (Natalia Verbeke). Furthermore, he hasn't seen his mother in a year (Norma Aleandro), which suffers from Alzheimer's and lives in a rest home.

Rafael just wants to be left alone. He can't cope with everything and it seems his efforts aren't enough for anyone. But a series of unexpected events make Rafael take a look at his situation. He'll take into account the possibility of selling the family restaurant, he'll meet again with an old childhood friend, Juan Carlos (Eduardo Blanco) who, despite having a personal tragedy on his shoulders, will help him in a very particular way to reconstruct his past and recover his present. And along the way, he'll support his father to fulfill his mother's dream: get married in a church.

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