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Year: 2009
UK: Entertainment Film Distributors
Cast: James Purefoy, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Max von Sydow, Pete Postlethwaite, Alice Krige, Jason Flemying, Mackenzie Crook, Patrick Hurd-Wood, Samuel Roukin, Lucas Stone, Brian Caspe, John Comer, Christian Dunckley Clark, Rory McCann, Mark O'Neal, Robert Russell, Ben Steel, Anthony Wilks, Philip Winchester, Ian Whyte, Beryl Nesbitt, Marek Vasut
Director: Michael J Bassett
Countries: France / Czech Republic / UK
USA & UK: 104 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong violence
UK Release Date: 19 February 2010

UK Distributor


Prepare to raise Kane! The supernatural adventures of SOLOMON KANE stars James Purefoy (ROME, RESIDENT EVIL) as the implacable title character, a murderous mercenary re-born as a puritan avenger in the action-packed tale of this roaming 16th Century scourge of all that is evil. An epic fantasy adventure written and directed by Michael J Bassett (DEATHWATCH). The character of Solomon Kane was plucked from the imagination of Robert E Howard (CONAN THE BARBARIAN), the father of the "sword and sorcery" genre.

Captain Solomon Kane is a brutally efficient 16th Century killing machine. Armed with his signature pistols, cutlass and rapier, he and his men unleash their bloodlust as they fight for England in war after war on all continents. As the story opens, Kane and his band of pillagers are carving a bloody path through hordes of defenders in an exotic city in northern Africa. But when Kane decides to attack a mysterious nearby castle to plunder its rumoured riches, his mission takes a fateful turn.

One by one, Kane's men are picked off by demonic creatures until he alone is left to face the Devil's own Reaper - dispatched from the depths of Hell to lay claim to his hopelessly corrupt soul. Though Kane at last manages to escape, he knows that he now must redeem himself by renouncing violence and devoting himself wholly to a life of peace and purity. His newfound spirituality, however, is quickly put to the ultimate test and he finds himself having to jeopardise his own soul by re-embracing his murderous talents for a higher cause.

The legendary Max von Sydow (MINORITY REPORT, PELLE THE CONQUEROR) stars as Kane's father, while Pete Postlethwaite (IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER) is the Puritan patriarch William Crowthorn, with Rachel Hurd-Wood (DORIAN GRAY) as his kidnapped daughter Meredith, whom Kane sets out to rescue. The film also features Jason Flemying as Malachi (LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS and SNATCH) and Mackenzie Crook as Father Michael (THE OFFICE, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN).

SOLOMON KANE is produced by Samuel Hadida (THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS) & Paul Berrow, with Victor Hadida & Michael Berrow as executive producers and Kevan Van Thompson as co-producer. A Samuel Hadida and Wandering Star presentation of a Michael J Bassett film.

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