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Year: 1999
USA: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Cast: Jeanie Drynan, Linal Haft, Genevieve Lemon, Sacha Horler, Alicia Talbot, Russell Dykstra, Jordan Frankland, Terry Weaver, Trevor Mills, Cheyenne Dobbs, Dion Bilios, Andrew Hunter, Pat Bishop, Barry Evans, Marin Mimica
Director: Christina Andreef
Countries: Australia / USA
USA: 101 mins
USA Rated: R for sexuality/nudity, language and drug content
USA Release Date: 17 March 2000 (Limited Release)


SOFT FRUIT is a comical family drama about going home, letting go and finding acceptance in the most unlikely places.

Four squabbling siblings return home to their small Australian town to care for their ailing mother. There's Josie (Genevieve Lemon), the control freak; Vera (Alicia Talbot), the eternally forlorn; and Nadia (Sacha Horler), the chaotic bully who takes after their father, the stoic Vic (Linal Haft). And, at the other end of the planet is the rough and tumble Bo (Russell Dykstra), the lone son whose reckless lifestyle has alienated him from Vic their entire lives.

Patsy (Jeanie Drynan), the family matriarch, is joyous and beleaguered to have her family descend upon her during this difficult time. Her outlook on life thus far has been matter of fact without much room for analysis or sentiment. But, she's about to discover that a houseful of family can undo a lifetime of established patterns. One by one, the kids arrive home in their own personal hurricanes, and Patsy must referee the commotion. Further draining her strength is the management of Vic's temper -- no small task, especially when he won't allow Bo to set foot in the house.

Through it all, the forced family togetherness brings out the best and worst in each of them: Family secrets are revealed, ugly truths surface and unknown strengths are discovered. And slowly, as her strength weakens and her humor grows, Patsy relates to her children as adults - and friends - for the first time.

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