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Year: 2006
USA: IFC First Take
UK: Momentum Pictures
Cast: Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, Carrie Anne Moss, David Fox, Jayne Eastwood, Emily Hampshire, James Allodi, Callum Keith Rennie, Julie Stewart, Selina Cadell, Mark McKinney, Johnny Goltz, Jackie Brown
Director: Marc Evans
Countries: UK / Canada
USA & UK: 112 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language
USA Release Date: 27 April 2007 (Limited Release - New York and Los Angeles)
UK Release Date: 8 September 2006

UK Distributor


SNOW CAKE is a film about friendship, snow, acceptance, obsessive cleaning, a dog called Marilyn, and about finding the warmest of friendships in the coldest of places.

Tight-lipped Englishman Alex (Alan Rickman) arrives in Northern Ontario and is bullied by lovable 19 year-old hitchhiker Vivienne Freeman (Emily Hampshire) into giving her a ride. Tragedy strikes as they reach the outskirts of her hometown and Vivienne dies instantly when their car is hit by a truck. Alex finds himself, for the second time in his life, grieving for someone he never knew.

Shocked and stranded in snowbound Wawa, he is drawn to seek out Vivienne's mother and comes face to face with Linda Freeman (Sigourney Weaver). Linda is no ordinary mother - she is autistic. Alex finds himself in a surreal world where the kitchen is off limits, the beds are bunks and daily trampolining is compulsory.

Alex becomes increasingly involved in Linda's life and the community to which she feels complete indifference. He forms a relationship with her sassy, independent neighbour Maggie (Carrie-Anne Moss), and is the object of intense interest by the ineffectual local law enforcement officer Clyde (James Allodi). When Alex finally gets back on the road he has exorcised his inner demons, and the town he leaves behind has also been transformed.

Directed by Marc Evans' whose credits include Trauma, My Little Eye and Resurrection Man (also produced by Andrew Eaton), SNOW CAKE stars Alan Rickman most recently seen in Tom Tykwer's PERFUME, while his previous work includes THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, HARRY POTTER, GALAXY QUEST (co-starring with Sigourney Weaver) and THE WINTER GUEST which he directed and wrote.

The all-star cast includes Sigourney Weaver (ALIENS, THE VILLAGE), soon be seen as Babe Paley in Doug McGrath's film about Truman Capote, INFAMOUS and Carrie-Ann Moss is probably best known for her starring role in THE MATRIX, THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS and THE MATRIX RELOADED, as well as MEMENTO and more recently, CHUMSCRUBBER.

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