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Year: 2001
USA: Antarctic Pictures
Cast: Jacqueline Bisset, Martha Plimpton, Nick Stahl, Amy Madigan, Frankie Faison, Carmen Zapata, Peggy Gormley , Seymour Cassel, Molly Price, Kate McGregor-Stewart, Clara Bellar, Justin Theroux, Kimberly Scott, Anibal O Lleras, Mark Tymchyshyn
Director: Christopher Munch
Country: USA
USA: 107 mins
USA Release Date: 29 May 2002 (Limited Release - New York)


Suffering from life threatening cancer, Frances (Jacqueline Bisset) is a popular DJ on the radio. Set in the 1980's, she has a son who doesn't want anything to do her, which is in total contrast to her daughter Rebecca (Martha Plimpton) that she gave up for adoption and now Rebecca wants to meet her biological mother.

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