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Year: 2001
UK: Guerilla Films
Cast: Orla Brady, Cathleen Bradley, Cara Seymour, Dawn Bradfield, Conor Mullen, Robert Newman, Carol Moore, Patrick Bergin, Marc O'Shea, Dean Prichard, Christian McCashin, Sarah Boyd-Wilson, Nessa Campbell, Gerry McColgan, Pauline Murphy, Micheal Leibman, Abbie Spallen, Roisin Loughrey, Nessor Mullet, Colm O'Maonlai, Robbie Fry, Maeve Murphy
Director: Maeve Murphy
Country: Ireland
UK: 85 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains very strong language
UK Release Date: 13 February 2004 (Limited Release)


When wild-child Aine (Cathleen Bradley) is convicted of joyriding she decides to tell the court, out of sheer mischief, that she is a member of the IRA. The prank soon backfires when she finds herself sharing a cell in Armagh Women's Prison with staunch Republican activist Eileen (Orla Brady). In protest at the British authority's refusal to grant them political status the women are in the midst of a dirty protest and the Governor, Cunningham (Conor Mullen), is under strict instruction from the Northern Ireland Office to break them.

As their relationship develops, Eileen shields the traumatised Aine and helps her through the horror of her incarceration. However, when Eileen escalates her protest and undertakes a hunger strike it is down to Aine to do all she can to save her.

Based on a true story, SILENT GRACE is a story about friendship, determination and survival.

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