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Year: 2006
USA: The Weinstein Company
UK: Momentum Pictures
Cast: Natalie Maines, Emily Robison, Martie Maguire, Rick Rubin, George W Bush, Simon Renshaw, Adrian Pasdar
Directors: Barbara Kopple, Cecilia Peck
Country: USA
USA: 93 mins
UK: 91 mins
USA Rated: R for language
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language
USA Release Date: 10 November 2006 (Limited Release - wider)
USA Release Date: 27 October 2006 (Limited Release - New York and Los Angeles)
UK Release Date: 29 June 2007 (Limited Release)

UK Distributor


SHUT UP & SING is a documentary from filmmakers Barbara Kopple and Cecilia Peck on the international group Dixie Chicks who were heavily criticized by the American media and American public after Natalie Maines' outspoken stance when she voiced her anti-George W Bush opinions at one of their 2003 concerts.

SHUT UP & SING travels with the Dixie Chicks, from the peak of their popularity as the national anthem singing darlings of country music and top selling female recording artists of all time, through the now infamous anti-Bush comment made by the group's singer Natalie Maines in 2003.

The film documents the lives and careers of the Dixie Chicks over a three-year period during which they were under political attack and received death threats, while continuing to live their lives, have children and continue their music careers. The film ultimately presents who the Dixie Chicks are as women, public figures and musicians.

From directors Barbara Kopple and Cecilia Peck

"For us this films is a story of three artists, mothers and citizens, who refused to be silenced. The journey with the Dixie Chicks in the aftermath of their criticism of President Bush's war policy is the story of our country right now. As we watched these women standing up for their beliefs, in the face of death threats and boycotts of their music, we saw a spirit of courage and integrity that was deeply American. Nothing is more vital to us than having a voice and the respect we gained for these women who did not back down, whatever the cost, was life affirming".

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