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Year: 2004
USA: HP Releasing
Cast: Ash Newman
Cast (in London, England): Hadassah Hungar Diamant, John Gordon, Caroline Roboh, Pavel Rimburg, Sibylla McGrigor, Sarah McGrigor, Laura McDonnell
Cast (in Paris, France): Cyrielle Clair, Catherine Karako, Aime Kanoui, Michael Williams, Albert Wajnfeld, David Melech
Cast (in Berlin, Germany): Geraldine de Bastion, Hendrick Woitkowiak, Michal Friedlander, Mahmoud Chehadeh, Galina Franz, Henry Friedrich
Cast (in Prague, Czech Republic): Ferrante Ferranti, Benjamin Kuras, Stepan Cert, Zuzana Peterova, Vaclav Peter, Eszter Peterova, Ruth Peterova, Zuzana Vesela, Michal Forst, Mosheh Doiebal, Jean-Jacques Roboh, Veronika Kolenakova, Marketa Zemanova, Lenka Cardova, Vlada Zak
Cast (in Budapest, Hungary): Istvan Szabó, Gabor David Merlini, Eszter Marton, Karina Kecskes, Hermina Fatyol, Attila Schlosser, Shaia Boas, Moshe Greenwert, Zsolt Takacs, Gabor Rocsis, Laszlo Ihasz, Catherine Charitow
Cast (in Belgrade, Serbia): Gordana Grubjesic, Venislav Dzidic, Branka Dzidic, Miodrag "Mica" Kostic, Nervuz "Malickalja"
Cast (in Sophia, Bulgaria): Valcho Podorov Kamarashev, Smilen Ivov Slavchtenski, Bisser Savchev Marinov, Kleopatra From Biad, Biad Belly Dancers, Reuven Bear, Martin Parvanov
Cast (on train to Rome, Italy): Arturo Brachetti
Director: Caroline Roboh
Country: UK
USA: 93 mins
USA Release Date: 30 June 2006 (Limited Release - Los Angeles)
USA Release Date: 26 May 2006 (Limited Release - New York)


Daniel (Ash Newman), an arrogant, restless young Londoner is bored with his meaningless life. He seeks sympathy from his old Jewish grandmother, who sends him on a mission to Europe to find the grave of her father who disappeared during World War II.

Following his grandfather's trail, Daniel's journey leads him to Paris, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, and Sofia, finally having to flee to Rome.

As he passes from one intense experience to the next, he is caught up in the turmoil of change taking place in the former communist countries in the process discovering his Jewish roots, which had preciously never mattered to him.

What started as an excuse simply to travel and have fun soon becomes and obsessive quest and a journey of personal discovery.

Filmed in black and white. Original score by Jerome Levy.

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