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Year: 2004
UK: Entertainment Film Distributors
Cast: Johnny Vegas, Mackenzie Crook, Mark Gatiss, Dominic Coleman, Julia Davis, Lucy Davis, Kate Robbins, Nicholas Tennant, Annette Bentley, Evie Garratt, Angela Simpson, Betty Trew, Robert Harrison, Nick Holder, Helen Latham, Barry Aird, Joy Aldridge, Jeff Alexander, Adrian Chiles, Amerjit Deu, Justin Edgar, Huss Garbiya, Carol Harvey, Alfie Hunter, Laurence Inman, Jenny Jay, Ceris Jones, Kay Purcell, Nicola Reynolds
Director: Andy Humphries
Country: UK
UK: 82 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains very strong language and strong sex references
UK Release Date: 20 February 2004


SEX LIVES OF THE POTATO MEN follows the antics of four potato delivery men from Birmingham, whose sole purpose in life is the pursuit of beer and bl*w jobs.

Dave (Johnny Vegas) longs for the soft porn lifestyle, but he's married with a kid. When his wife Vicky throws him out, threesomes and group sex become a reality rather than a fantasy.

Ferris (Mackenzie Crook) enjoys being young, free and single since his wife left him. But, he's skint and is forced to live with his mother-in-law Joan and that poses some unexpected problems in the sex department!

Tolly (Dominic Coleman) has never really recovered from his wife Linda walking out on him. The whole ordeal has left him traumatized and the only way he can find satisfaction is by recreating his most memorable experiences with jam and fish paste sandwiches...

Jeremy (Mark Gatiss) is the manager of the potato men and he thinks he's a bit of a cut above the rest. He claims to enjoy fine wine, books and chess, but in reality much of his spare time is spent stalking his ex-girlfriend Ruth, sending her hate mail and kidnapping her dog.

SEX LIVES OF THE POTATO MEN explores just how stupid blokes are when it comes to sex. The scary truth is, if you scratch the surface of any man, chances are you'll find a potato man underneath.

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