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Year: 2005
UK: Contender Entertainment Group
Cast: Leon Lai, Donnie Yen, Charlie Young, Liwu Dai, So-yeon Kim, Duncan Chow, Chia-Liang Liu, Yi Lu, Jingwu Ma Jason Pai Piao Honglei Sun, Michael F Wong, Jingchu Zhang
Director: Tsui Hark
Countries: South Korea / Hong Kong / China
Language: Cantonese (English subtitles)
UK: 140 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong bloody violence
UK Release Date: 24 February 2006


Based on the timeless classic "wuxia" (or "martial arts chivalry") novel, "Seven Swordsmen From Mountain Tian", one of renowned author Liang Yu Sheng's "Mountain Heaven" series of books, SEVEN SWORDS is the latest epic from the internationally acclaimed visionary director, Tsui Hark (ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA, SWORDSMAN).

Chosen as the opening film of the prestigious Venice Film Festival earlier this year, SEVEN SWORDS stars Hong Kong megastar Leon Lai (INFERNAL AFFAIRS III; CITY HUNTER), versatile actress Charlie Young (NEW POLICE STORY) and international action star Donnie Yen (HERO) in a monumental tale of love, betrayal, heroism and swordplay.

In Seventeenth Century China a government edict banning the practice of martial arts results in a bloody killing spree as military forces ravage the country ruthlessly murdering anybody failing to adhere to the new law. Facing extinction, the residents of a small village seek the help of a master swordsman and his small band of disciples, all of whom possess unimaginable skills of swordsmanship. Teaming up with several of the villagers, this small band of warriors become known as the Seven Swords and together they begin a heroic journey that will lead them to their ultimate destiny - a desperate fight for justice.

With its spectacular action sequences beautifully shot in locations ranging from the desert of Turfan in Xinjiang to the breathtaking glaciers of the real-life Mount Heaven mountain range in the north western region of the country, SEVEN SWORDS is an awesome visual feast and a true epic in every sense.

SEVEN SWORDS represents an impressive new beginning for both Tsui Hark and the wuxia cinema genre. While recent films in the genre have relied heavily on wire-work, CGI and visual effects, Hark's latest offering takes a back-to-basics approach, focusing on authenticity and genuine martial arts skills, at the same time employing modern effects techniques to complement the very realistic action sequences.

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